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Connecting with Authors & Others on Twitter

In late January 2013,I joined Twitter as a way to expand my circle of colleagues and to connect with others in my field.What a great year it's been!Not only have I met some wonderful teacher librarians from all parts of the country--and world!——但我也对与作者和其他人的互动感到惊讶和高兴。

In the last 14 months,很多作者都回复了tweets,就像大卫·巴尔达奇,S.a.Bodeen杰夫·赫希:

我最喜欢的互动之一是与 上升三部曲詹妮弗·尼尔森。

另一个对我和许多学生有意义的互动来自劳里·黑斯·安德森,当她看到今年早些时候学生完成的弹性文学作品时——你可以读到它。 HERE.

不仅仅是作家们在推特上回复。Websites like Epic Reads and Heartland AEA11 have people who follow Twitter feeds,and they reply,太!!

Twitter has been a great tool for us to connect with the authors and others who relate to our work and reading.We're eager to connect again!!



Can't wait to see 发散的hit theaters in March?在看电影之前,试着读完所有的书,尽你所能地去看关于系德赢Vwin.com列和人物的一切?Check out these recent videos from PopSugar Entertainment featuring the series author Veronica Roth.

In this video,Roth describes what she loves about 发散的球迷:

下一步,Roth discusses the people in her life who show divergence:

最后,Roth shares some advice for those who fight for their identity:

Check out the official website for the movie at

星期三,March 27,二千零一十三

Rick Riordan是作家中最努力工作的人吗??

Good grief that man writes!Rick Riordan--author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series,the Kane Chronicles,和失去的英雄系列,among others--has recently released publication dates for his upcoming novels in his series.你可以查看他的职位 HERE.

Want to read 蛇的影子但是一直在等那本平装书吗?你的等待在5月7日结束,2013,when the paperback version of the 德赢Vwin.combook will be released.其中还包括珀西·杰克逊和卡特·凯恩的短篇小说。According to Riordan,, The Son of Sobekis the"first place you can read that story"是“about 40 pages of extra adventure at no additional cost."“
但是如果你已经有了 蛇的影子,你仍然可以得到 The Son of Sobek.On June 18,2013,you can download the e-德赢Vwin.combook of the story,and it's even read by Riordan himself!Included with this purchase is the sneak peek of the next 德赢Vwin.combook in The Lost Hero series,, 冥王之府,which isn't slated for release until Oct.8,2013。

Thursday,February 7,二千零一十三

James Patterson Interview

Author James Patterson is a favorite of many students here at DCG MS--and he was named teen author of the year last year. School Library Journalrecently interviewed him on a variety of topics,包括他的人气 最大行程系列,the Daniel X系列,他的 Middle School德赢Vwin.combooks. All of these you can find here in our library!Click HERE阅读采访。

帕特森也谈到了 阅读儿童读物,an organization that works to improve kids' reading skills and put good 德赢Vwin.combooks into kids' hands.


Patterson had seen his own son Jack struggle with reading,因此,这个组织的产生源于他帮助自己的儿子和其他像他一样的人找到好书并最终享受阅读的愿望。德赢Vwin.comAt the website,you can search for a variety of 德赢Vwin.combooks and find recommendations,too.You can also see Sneak Peaks and read chapters of 德赢Vwin.combooks before you can buy them!!