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Thursday,December 13,2018

Each quarter in literacy studies,students work on a project related to their reading classes.上个季度,sixth graders created Slides presentations showing their understanding of genre by choosing an independent reading 德赢Vwin.combook they'd read,identifying the genre,并提供支持性实例。Seventh graders also created a Slides presentation to show their understanding of different literary terms,including protagonist & antagonist,point of view,conflict and theme.

In the new quarter,学生们又在进行不同的项目。Sixth graders are developing better 德赢Vwin.combook talks based on a poster from www.middleschoolmind.com网站.
Students chose a 德赢Vwin.combook they could enthusiastically recommend,developed their 德赢Vwin.combook talks,then used the Unsplash add-on in Google Slides to add an image to also grab the listeners' attention.Finally,students recorded their work using Screencastify.This will allow students to take part in a gallery walk,各种各样的,假期结束后,听多个书会。德赢

当六年级学生在做读书会演讲时,德赢Vwin.comseventh graders again this year completed an author study project.Over time the project has undergone several revisions;this year,those revisions included using Thinglink as the basis of the project and adjusting the written requirements to include both required and personal choice items.
学生们使用Google Drive编写和展示他们选择的作者的信息——他们写了作者的出版生活,并在他们选择的一段文章中加入了一篇分析文章,他们还包括以下内容之一:关于他们对作者感兴趣的个人叙述,a creative interview,or a scene rewrite.