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Thursday,January 8,二千零一十五

New Library Contest

Check out the new contest in the library!如果你有地雷技能并且知道书籍设置,德赢Vwin.com这可能是你赢得3月份春季书展礼品券的机会。德赢

如果你有问题,please stop by the library to find out more!祝你好运,and happy creating!!


7th Grade Science Disease Brochure Projects

最近,七年级的科学课在他们的疾病宣传册项目上工作。Mr.Jaspering and Ms.本德要求学生了解他们选择的一种疾病,并以小册子的形式展示信息。

Using both print and non-print resources,students evaluated the information they'd like to include on their brochures.为了使他们的搜索时间更快、更容易在网上进行,students could access the MS Library Main Page to find links to valid,reliable,现在的网站开始他们的工作。This is also where they could make a copy of the Google document to work from.

It was a busy day in the library and computer lab when work began,so Mrs.埃利斯在教室里上科学课。

一个课时把两个科学课合并在图书馆里。While it was pretty crowded--almost 50 students--everyone was able to work on a computer and start their brochures.

星期一,December 9,二千零一十三

Resilience Literature Part II

以弹性文学为主题,both 6th and 7th grade language arts classes came into the library for discussion and related work.在谈到弹性文学的特点之后,6th grade students generated their own list of possible titles,including titles like these below:

然后是时候工作了。使用共享的Google文档,students were to select an example of resilience literature,然后用书中的3个例子来支持他们的选择,这些例子显示了一个角色的韧性。德赢Vwin.comStudents also had the option to use corresponding images from iClipArt to go along with their text.
CLICK HEREto access the document.

Here are a few examples of the work the students created:

星期二,October 8,二千零一十三


The AEA has many 德赢vwionline resources available for student use.您可以通过以下说明和提示访问Google演示文稿:
CLICK HEREto access the presentation
This is a great resource for students participating in National History Day,以及寻找有效的学生,reliable,不同类别项目的当前联机信息。如果你不知道如何在网站上四处走动,stop by the library--we'd love to help!!

Wednesday,September 12,二千零一十二

Google Docs is Here

Students in sixth and seventh grade now have Google accounts that offer many possibilities!通过登录他们的个人谷歌账户,students are able to create documents,演示文稿,电子表格,还有更多。学生的工作自动节省,and because the work is all online,students can access their work from any computer that is connected to the Internet.