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Friday,October 26,2018

STEAM-y in the Library

As we neared the end of the quarter,识字研究的学生有机会从各种与STEAM相关的活动中选择进行探索,play,create,and just be curious!Some of the items appear below:

图片中包括3D魔术笔,Sphero SPRKs,IO Blocks,K'NEX,Stik Bot green screen,开关电路,and Cubelets.Students could also choose to use the Do Ink app for other green screen opportunities.

After a quick"辅导日为了了解每件物品是什么,students filled out a Google Form with their top 4 choices,and over 2 days' time,students were able to use the items they'd selected.Such great times ensued!太多的计划和尝试,building & creating,failing & redesigning!!

Students using the Cubeletsfirst accessed information from Google Classroom to learn about how to use them before creating their own robots.

使用k'nex和io迷你模块的学生也可以访问Google教室,获取创建卡片的想法,or they could design and build what they liked.

Students could also refer to included circuitry projects or create their own pathways.

With so many activities from which to choose,students will have the opportunity to explore all eight options throughout the year.More creating,想象,and designing to come!!