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Library Breakout!!

识字研究的学生最近参加了一个图书馆主题的突破活动,灵感来自 BreakoutEDU.
In August,World Languages & Cultures teacher Kristine Jimenez shared the BreakoutEDU materials she'd received in a DCG Foundation Grant,在尝试修改现有的突破以适应我们的DCG中学图书馆之后,she graciously offered to help write a breakout for *our* school.“大”thank you"to Mrs.Jimenez--she was instrumental in getting our breakout ready!!

First step?Choosing what kinds of locks to use and creating clues with embedded combinations.In the end,我们用了五把锁,并提供了相应的线索。
Receipt link,,字母链接,,To Do List链接(未显示)Comic available on ToonDo0 (search"Online Catalog ToonDoo")

根据学生收到的信息包或在图书馆周围找到的信息,他们需要什么来打开两个不同号码的组合锁,带钥匙的挂锁,一个色码组合锁,and a directional lock.

A brief introduction day gave students a quick overview of the activity & its many purposes:
•  to test their ideas
•  to problem solve should initial combinations not open locks
•  and ultimately,to open the box.

During the introduction,students also could see the box itself and the locks to be used with the activity.

Finally,重要的一天到来了,一旦加入球队,students began their work.Without a doubt,this activity is one of the most engaging things students have done in the library!!

几个小组能够爆发(或者具体来说,break *in* to the boxes after determining all combinations for locks.Always group members were excited,我们经常听到我们做到了!““

接下来还有更多的突破活动!随着我们第一次成功出游,it's likely we'll be trying another physical Breakout like this one!至少有一个数字突破正在进行中,too,so stay tuned!!