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Thursday,August 2,2018

Summer Reading 德赢Vwin.comBook Recommendations: Week 9

Some of the most popular 德赢Vwin.combooks in the library are graphic novels,so this week's summer reading recommendations from our daily tweets are all 德赢Vwin.combooks in that format.
如标题所示,this week's titles are nearly all 德赢Vwin.combooks in a series or in planned series,and with the exception of 隐藏:一个孩子关于大屠杀的故事,都是以章节书为基础的。德赢Vwin.comOften we see that our readers move between the chapter 德赢Vwin.combooks and graphic novels with ease and re-read their favorites as they come to love the stories and the characters.

Two of our featured 德赢Vwin.combooks in series will have additional titles published in the coming school year:
· 超新星:护身符89月9日25,2018
· 失去的空气:火焰之翼2on Feb.26,二千零一十九

Only two weeks before we return to classes--have you found a 德赢Vwin.combook or two that you'd like to look at and perhaps check out?我们很高兴很快见到你!!


Featured Graphic Novel: The Amulet Series

If you've been to the library recently,很有可能你浏览了图片小说的选择和/或查看了图片小说。我们的这部分藏品每学期都会扩大,以小说和非小说为特色。

One of the most popular graphic novel series is 护身符by Kazu Kibuishi.Here's what the blog 书呆子俱乐部德赢Vwin.com关于这个系列,我不得不说:

The Scholastic YouTube Channel recently added a video of Kibuishi reading from Amulet 5: Prince of the Elves:

想要更多 护身符?The Stacks from Scholastic features an Amulet homepage有机会参加游戏,视频,blogs,和留言板:

Kazu Kibuishi also wrote the graphic novels Explorer: The Mystery BoxesCooperif you're looking for other works by this author.最近他还画了封面艺术,以便重新发行 哈利波特R书德赢 see earlier blog posts