Thursday,September 24,2015

Banned 德赢Vwin.comBooks Week 2015

The American Library Association recognizes Banned 德赢Vwin.comBooks Week every fall,and this year we do so from September 27 - October 3.

According to the ALA's website,there is a clear difference between challenging a 德赢Vwin.combook or banning a book:

The Office of Intellectual Freedomtracks the 德赢Vwin.combooks challenged in a year's time,and the following 德赢Vwin.combooks were the top 10 most frequently challenged titles in 2014:

To recognize Banned 德赢Vwin.comBooks Week and to bring the topic to students' attentions,we have two library displays that have sparked great questions and conversations with students.

你在和你的学生谈论禁书周吗?德赢Vwin.com你有没有与阅读相关的权利对话?Maybe you've even noticed that you've read a challenged or banned 德赢Vwin.combook!!

星期一,September 21,2015

New Library Display


We featured our top 9 titles--all of them Iowa Teen Award nominees--along with items from Starbucks to find out if anyone was"thirsty for a good 德赢Vwin.combook.""



With the Iowa Teen Award nominees ThingLink presentation ready to share,students in 6th and 7th grade reading classes visited the library over the first two weeks of school to learn more about the 15 titles featured this year.(See post below.) After talking about the 德赢Vwin.combook nomination process,students received a handout to use to record their thinking about the 德赢Vwin.combooks.

Students then had most of a class period to watch 德赢Vwin.combook trailers and read book-related content or visit author websites to learn more about the nominees.After three full days of classes visiting the library,every single title is checked out,and some titles now have a double-digit number of holds on them!学生们绝对有兴趣谈论和阅读今年名单上的书!德赢!

Check out the ThingLink presentation in the post below and consider which of the titles might interest you.We'd love to have you stop by the library to check out one of them!!