Tuesday,November 26,2013

Hi - Fi for Wi - Fi: A Website for Historical Fiction

Looking for some historical fiction?Chelsey Kolpin把 她的Wi-Fi网站为我们提供了一个很好的资源!When working on Master's project,她写道,"In an effort to get more young adult students interested in historical fiction...I put together a website of 德赢Vwin.combook trailers and book descriptions for historical fiction.""

On the website you can access historical fiction novels based on different periods in history,as well as video links:

目前,Kolpin的网站上德赢Vwin.com有15本书。but she tells us that more may be coming soon.One of the featured 德赢Vwin.combooks is What I Saw and How I Lied.Here's the description of the 德赢Vwin.combook:


随时可以访问该网站浏览历史小说的标题。在我们的图书馆里发现了很多,其中一个特色的标题-- Between Shades of Gray——是今年爱荷华州青少年奖提名者!!


德赢Vwin.comBooks About Saving the World

德赢Vwin.com图书骚乱最近整理了一份书单,并称之为,德赢Vwin.com"Kids Who Save the World: A Reading List."以下是他们对名单的看法:

"不记得穿斗篷的人,tearing through the house or around the back yard,假装人类的未来落在他们肩上?As kids,we dream of being able to save the work,作为成年人,we can revisit through fiction.""

So what's on their list?How about these series 德赢Vwin.combooks--recognize any of them??


Tuesday,November 12,2013

Final Official Divergent Movie Poster Released

With the late-October release of 忠实的,最后一本书德赢Vwin.com Divergenttrilogy,粉丝们对即将发布的 Divergent2014年3月的电影。The final poster--seen above--was released today.

想从电影中得到更多的图像吗?参观 红地毯末端要查看单个人物海报的滚动视频,你可以看下面的官方预告片:

Friday,November 1,2013

Author James Dashner Speaks

The Maze Runner系列丛书是我们图书馆最受欢迎的丛书之一。Even though author James Dashner has left The Glade behind him,it's still a big part of his life--the movie based on the 德赢Vwin.combook will be released later this spring.查看拖车:

But that's not all he's been working on.His most recent 德赢Vwin.combook release last spring was 心灵之眼。以下是书单对这本书的看法德赢Vwin.com:

""In Dashner's futuristic series starter,virtual life offers Michael opportunities to escape the real world.He spends most of his time on the Virtnet,playing Lifeblood Deep with his virtual friends Bryson and Sarah.现在,haunted by his daytime experiences,he needs them more than ever.迈克尔最担心的事情发生了:虚拟网络安全跟踪他,but not to chastise him for wrongdoing;更确切地说,他们想让他的黑客技术到达凯恩,a gamer who is causing terrible tragedies.迈克尔和他的朋友们开始了一段艰苦的旅程,进入了一场肉搏战游戏《毁灭的恶魔》,但随着他的朋友们的死亡,迈克尔发现自己在寻找自己。邪恶和卑鄙的恶魔把自己放在他的道路上,and he almost capitulates to the pain and exhaustion.每翻一页,在游戏的中心等待着他的东西都悬在读者的头上,raising a constant question: Who is human and who is not?In typical Dashner style,this is quick and involving,with the main frustration being the wait time until the next 德赢Vwin.combook.""

达什纳本人最近一直在推广这两个系列,including this great interview where he talks about the worlds in each 德赢Vwin.combook and which he would prefer to live in.

Interested?图书馆里有所有迷宫奔跑者的书,德赢Vwin.comand 心灵之眼也是最近添加的。Stop by to check out any of them!!