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Sunday,December 18,二千零一十一


Students in 7th grade social studies have a variety of 德赢Vwin.combooks to choose from as they work on a 20th century wars unit.Be sure to check back often;书名会随着学生退学和归还书籍而改变。德赢

星期一,October 31,二千零一十一


Students in 8th grade social studies classes are researching Christopher Columbus and using primary source documents,除其他来源外,评价他的行为是否英勇。Mr.Rankin's and Mrs.Wright's classes visited the library for a quick lesson related to using netTrekker,Student Research Center,and Britannica Online to search for valid,reliable,accurate,and up-to-date information.


We had a successful 德赢Vwin.combook fair and were able to purchase
many new titles for the library.寻找新的项目
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This year's nominees are below,and you can access aPrezi presentationrelated to the titleS:
Want to see what others say about the nominated 德赢Vwin.combooks?Clickhere看学生读物谈论今年的ITA书籍德赢。

New Arrangement

The Middle School library has been rearranged!The fiction and non-fiction collections are flipped in the space,超大的书籍(现在在网上目录德赢Vwin.com中标记为ovr)可以在非小说部分的窗口下找到。Happy browsing!If you need help finding something,please don't hesitate to ask!!
The fiction section in the library.