Dr. Hafeez Mian

     MA, PhD, MEd, RPC, Diplomate IABMCP, MPCP


    Mental Health Professional

    Psychotherapist & Psychoeducator


    Psychotherapy & Counselling



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    If you or someone you care about is facing a challenging time with emotional problems, sometimes it can feel extremely hopeless, devastating and overwhelming. It is always my mission to provide you a compassionate, supporting and non-judgmental therapeutic environment where together we can gain insights and find ways to overcome life challenges; engage in, resolve and ultimately maintain satisfying outcomes; and work towards achieving your full potential.  I practice CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), cognitive interpersonal therapy, solution based therapy, and family systems therapy. My therapeutic philosophy embodies a client-centered approach that focuses on applying the modality that is most suitable for the client to reconcile so that the client can overcome dysfunctional scenarios and relationships and resume a more satisfying and fulfilling life again. I firmly believe in people’s innate abilities that are required to overcome adversities in their lives. My eclectic model has successfully empowered many clients and has uncovered solutions to resolve personal impasses facing them; and has led them to more informed and ultimately satisfying life styles. I am sure you are ready to make a change and I may be able help you arrive at your desired destination. If you wish to move forward, then take the first step and call 604-307-4648 to speak with me and schedule a preliminary session.



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